Sunday, August 1, 2010

Improve your understanding of the music

Today I listened to Albinoni´s "Oboe concerti" while driving to work. The music really fills the car! So far has my time to listen to music been limited and I have done most of it at work. Today I´m working aswell, and all the sounds from the machines and people interrupting makes in more difficult to really hear the music. When the music is new to ones ears it´s easy to discard it as ok but not more, as I did with this cd, since I couldn´t hear all the subtleties the first time. After listening at it in the car I find the whole cd so relaxing and beautiful, despite the oboe.
I read the cover of the cd aswell just a while ago, and that is something that also can improve the understanding of the music. It describes how Albinoni approached the oboe as compared to Vivaldi, who also made concertis for the oboe at the time, and about Albinoni´s favourite rhytmic device of hemiola.
My brother sent me an email saying that it was not Albinoni who composed "Adagio in G minor for Strings and Organ", but a 20th century composer Remo Giazotto! It´s a very beautiful piece regardless who composed it. :)
At wikipedia you can read about consonance and disonnance, really interesting. Apparently  has dissonance been understood and heard differently in different musical traditions, cultures, styles, and time periods.

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