Monday, August 16, 2010

Get better eyesight while learning to speed read

While practising speed reading I read a text about the software I´m using. It says that speed reading excersises the software use are well based upon experience and scientific research since long. Also that speed reading techniques are commonly used in Japan since decades, specially in private schools and companys. People reading 300-600 wpm read after a month up to 20 000 wpm.
Not only does the software teach you to read faster, the eye movement exercises also strengthen the eyesight. I have very poor eyesight and after a session I see much clearer. My grandmother used to do eye exercises to strenghten her eyesight. She got that from a book and also I bought the book after a while. The problem was that to really gain good vision you had to loose the glasses for long periods which I wasn´t able to do since I couldn´t manage without the glasses at work. I didn´t continue with the exercises, instead I did an eye surgery in 1996. Unfortunately didn´t the operation succeed to a 100 %. I still had to wear lenses afterwards and since then the eyesight has slowly gotten worse. Hopefully while learning  to speed read I will strenghten the eyesight aswell.

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