Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Third weekly challenge completed

I have listened to classical music every day this week = task completed!
I learned a little of what I prefer to listen to and what not to, also I learned about some of the great composer´s life. It´s quite the drama when reading the cd covers, insanity and deafness among things. Reading the cd covers is good for understanding the composer and the music better.

During this week I have listened to:

Albinoni - Adagio in G minor for Strings and Organ, Oboe Concerti. The music is very beautiful and relaxing. My favourite composer.
Bach - "Air". Very beautiful and relaxing.
Bartók - Violin concertos 1 & 2. All parts starts so beautifully with the violin, but only a few seconds later they become unbearable.Very painful for my ears.
Beethoven - "Für Elise", "Moonlight Sonata", Quartet in A minor, Op. 132, Quartet in F major, H. 34. I love the "Für Elise" and "Song of Thanksgiving" (second part in Op. 132)and the "Sonata" are very beautiful.
Berwald - Symphony No. 1 "Sinfonie sérieusé, Symphony No. 4. No like, bit boring.
Brahms - Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77. Reading the cover one would assume to prefer Brahms to Schumann (both concertos on the same cd) but I had difficulties in listening to him. "The extensive use of the wind instruments to colour the first movement"..."from which the music seldom descends" and "Its first few notes apart, the violin never has the tune in its basic form." I think explains why I don´t like this music.
Gluck - "Dance of the Blessed Spirits". Very beautiful and relaxing.
Mozart - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", Serenata notturna in D Major (K. 239), Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G Major (K.313), Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D Major (K. 314), Adante for Flute and Orchestra in C Major (K.315). I like Mozart´s music very much, puts me always in a good mood. Some parts in the concertos for the flute are very beautiful, but I find the flute to evasive.
Pachelbel - Canon and Gigue in D major for 3 Violins and Basso Continuo. Very beautiful. Listened to this a lot.
Sibelius - "Finlandia", "Valse triste", "The Swan of Touvela", "Tapiola". I liked the "Finlandia".
Schumann - Violin Concerto in D minor. This I like.

Summation: I really like listening to classical music and I don´t find it strange anymore. Even listening through the cd with Bartók didn´t make me feeling sick. I soon got the habit of picking fingers in the air, as playing the violin, and it reminded me of an old lady I once saw. Made me feel old , but even so, I will try to continue listen and even go to concerts (not picking fingers there).

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