Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fasting in Ramadan

The fasting makes me really fatigue and somewhat confused. On Thursday, the second day of fasting, I was convinced that I was working this weekend and when I checked our working schedule I couldn´t find the hours I was supposed to work. I called my boss and after 10 minutes of checking schedules here and there we finally agreed upon that I wasn´t working, it was my weekend off. (I also previously misplaced my calendar which I´m dependent upon.) Yesterday I was equally certain of that I had written a post, which I obviously haven´t done. I don´t know if I should have a penalty for not writing a post a day as I earlier said I would do. Perhaps at least 5 posts the next day?
Today I went to the city to check out "the longest booksale in the world". On the most busy business street people put up tables and sell their books, this event happens once a year. I were there for 3 hours and managed to walk only halfway, the bag was already packed to the limit and heavy to carry. I found so many fantastic books for a bargain that I will be in a excellent mood the whole next week. The speed reading should really come in handy since I have a lot of books that I still haven´t had the time to read.
A funny thing was that I found books from the 50´s about obtaining good memory with memory techniques. I still wonder why they don´t teach this in school since it is obvious that many students need this, at least when they go to the university.

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