Sunday, August 8, 2010

Creative recykling

I am at work and I´m completely absorbed in today´s work of art, so I totally forgot about making a post. (this is becoming a bad habit...) On Saturday I started on a carpet made of plastic bags as the work of art of the day.
I want, for some reason, a carpet in the kitchen made of plastic. I couldn´t find any one to buy so I decided to make one. My grandmother used to do these carpets for the toilet. She used to crochet them round and quite small, this one is going to be 1 x 3m so it´s going to take a while. :) I have already crocheted for a couple of hours and the cutting of the plastic bags takes a while aswell. The result measures so far 1m x 3 cm...
The guards that came by were staring at me and the plasticbags around my feet. They were polite though not mentioning the mess. :)

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