Monday, August 2, 2010

Doing the Mensa test

Earlier this evening I put "Improve the Mensa test result" on the monthly challenge list. It would be interesting to see if I can do better than the last time by eating brainfood, excercising logically and physically, anything that is beneficial for the brain. I went to the Swedish Mensa site to see what dates the have the tests, and ended up doing the smaller test they have online. It´s not the real test but it says it can give an indication of  the IQ. I scored 126, or more.
According to the Mensa it is possible get a better result by excercising the ability to do the IQ tests, but only by a margin. Some people who do the test more than once can score better, but it has more to do with they get used to the situation, are less stressed and pay better attention to the task, than improved IQ.
The next Mensa test here in Stockholm is already the 25th of August! Should I? Not even a whole month left to excercise the brain!

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