Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enhanced reading skills

I have practised speed reading techniques, from a book and with the help of a software, for a week now. I haven´t superincreased my ability to read, but from the earlier online test were I scored 142 ewpm I score today 270 ewpm (measured with the software). The test with the software is similar, a short text to read and 10 questins to measure the comprehension.
While using the software I have read text at the speed of 600 wpm with ease, but I don´t know how well I comprehend the text since that was just for practising. Probably I read a lot slower knowing I will be tested later.
I will continue practising speed reading until I come up to a speed I´m happy with. Increasing the reading speed benefit a lot of areas in your life. I merely wish I could find a software in Swedish!

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