Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Third weekly challenge - listen to classical music

This week I´m going to listen to different classical composers and pieces. The reason for having this as a challenge is not only because I heard that classical music is good for the brain, you study better and the synapses build more connections, but I was also curious why people enjoy classical music and wanted to understand this, see what I have missed.
Today I will start with two cds I borrowed from the library. One is with the Berliner Philharmoniker playing Albinoni, Bach, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Mozart and Gluck, the second cd is Oboe Concert Vol 2 by Albinoni recorded at Rosslyn Chapel, London.
I already started listening to the first cd at work last weekend. I listened to it for more than 5 hours. I found then that I loved the Pachelbel´s piece aswell as Albinoni´s immeditially. Listening through it today I enjoy the whole cd! Vivaldis Concerto for Flute, Strings and Harpischord in G minor, op. 10 no.2 "La notte" and Bachs Air are very pieceful to listen to. Gluck´s Dance of the Blessed Spirits is very beautiful. In my mind I was in a lusthouse with jewel curtains, surrounding trees and the sky were just mere colours. And when finally listening to Mozart´s Serenata notturna in D major, K. 259 I saw a huge canvas full of living music, maybe I got too relaxed. :) Normally I don´t like music that has very pompous parts mixed with slower parts and then the POM-POM-POM again, but I really like how it got my imagination started.
To summarize the first day: I think it´s the violins I love in the music, but I also enjoy the flute. I listened to Albinoni the first time when I was pregnant. I don´t know if the hormons made it easier to get connected to the music, but I have loved the one piece since. But if I tried listening to other classical music I could only hear dissonance and would pretty soon be feeling sick. Today, and specially after last Sunday, I don´t feel like I "overeate" classical music. I feel relaxed and I´m thankful that I learned to listen to this kind of music. I mean, so far so good.

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