Tuesday, July 13, 2010



I´m a woman from Sweden and I´ve just recently started thinking about what I have accomplished in life. For some reason, not all that obvious to me, I didn´t accomplish that much.
I´m not wealthy. I´m not well educated. I´m not fit.
I´m in a relationship and have two children. I have a parttime job.

So, why this blog? I´m going with this blog challenge myself in learning or do things I really want to but earlier been to lazy, occupied or had 2 billion other reasons not to do. Why in English? Well, this is my first challenge, writing a blog in a language I wish to get better at. I´m going to give it a year, even if no-one except family and friends is reading it:) , and by that it´s going to be the challenge.

With the help of this blog I will also try to be a closer. Slowly by practising to finish things I´m going to feel more and more like a closer instead of a quitter. Which I am today I´m sad to admit.
Maybe I also can be of some inspiration with this blog to anyone who wishes to make better in life? Well humblest of my wishes anyway. :)

How I am going to go about it? I have one challenge, at least a post a day on this blog, for the duration of one year. Also I´m going to study English during this time, not only so this blog gets readible but also so I can understand american tv-series better :). I´m also going to challenge myself at least once a week. By the end of this year I will at least have accomplished 51 worthwhile challenges.

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