Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am like a butterfly in the wind, changing course of interest by the gentlest of breezes.

I will write down my major interests and see where I go astray, instead of following some big plan, which I feel I´m not ready to do yet. Writing down my interests maybe makes it clearer about what goals I really want to accomplish in life.

Living healthy. Today I drink to much coffee and don´t eat enough of the healthy stuff. Also I want to teach healthy living to my kids.
Lose weight. Now I´m 71,5 kg (two pregnancies), ideally I should weigh 58 kg.
Become fit. I have never been fit in my whole life. I just wish I had the condition to run after the bus without my legs going numb halfway (as they usually do).
Taking care of my appearance. I wish I were doing my nails, make-up, spa treatments etc on a regular basis instead of having an inspirational day a year.

That was the easy part, now to the other part, where I am like a butterfly in the wind, changing course of interest by the gentlest of breezes.

IT-forensics. I recently discovered the name for this subject but I´ve always felt a fascination for it. Can see myself working as an it-forensic as a profession.
Mathematics. I have enlisted in the pre-university course during this summer. I´m now behind schedule unfortunately but that´s not a big surprise to me. Don´t know why I´m studying mathematics except for the love of it.
Webbdesign. I´m also enlisted in the webbdesignprogram at the Linnéuniversity since last year. I did finish 30 p out of 60, falling behind here as well, don´t know if I can catch up to continue the second year.
Arabic. I have been enlisted in the beginners course at the university some years ago, finished 3 p out of 30. I love the language. My kids speak it, my partner speaks it, I still don´t understand more than some words.
English. I want to be an English-Swedish translator. I can see myself doing the subs for the TV-series... :)
French.  I read some French in school, learned petite and have always wanted to learn it fluently. Have no urge to go to France though, well not unless my partner finds job overthere (he´s almost fluent in French).
Iphone-apps. I picked up a book saying that you can earn some money by doing apps. Of course I have to learn Objective-C first, install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my PC (don´t even know if it´s possible with the hardware I´m having) and then learn to use Iphone SDK and Xcode tools...
Play the keyboard. I own a nice keyboard. So far I´ve learned to play "Annies song". I have had the keyboard for 7 years. I really like to learn to play for real. ;)
(by no means is the list complete)

Listed above are major fields in where I want to improve myself, so the challenges I pick has to relate to any of these fields.

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