Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The first weekly challenge - drinking water

It has been tropical weather here in Stockholm for the past few days, well almost for whole last month. The other day it was 35 degrees C and it is very nice after the long cold winter. I have seen to that my kids drink excessive amounts of fluids, wear sunhats and whatever, but I´m not that protective of myself. I´m almost fainting after a long day playing out with the kids and have little, or no, energy in the evenings.
I decided to start to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Maybe you are laughing "that this is no challenge" :), but I´ve tried it before and it didn´t work. I just don´t feel that thirsty. I drink several cups of coffee and maybe one or two glasses of juice at dinner, that´s it.
Water is the foundation of life: drinking water makes you more energetic, makes your bodily functions work better. I even read that not drinking enough water is the main reason for many diseases.
So far I´ve been drinking 4 glasses today despite the hot weather, two and a half hours to go for the next 4. It´s going to be tough. ;)

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