Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Failed the second weekly challenge

Today I haven´t been in a good mood, probably because I failed the second challenge. I didn´t succeed in reading and listening to the whole Arabic course within a week. It doesn´t feel good failing already, well it doesn´t feel good failing at all. I thought the second challenge was doable and I understand now that I had forgotten to much of what I had learned earlier.
I did start reading the course and finished a decent amount of chapters. I find it fascinating that I understand more than I did when I started just a mere week ago, so I have gotten really motivated. Which was the intention: getting started with Arabic again.
But these are challenges! I have to step up, get my grips together, whatever it´s called. I have to understand if I´m up to a challenge, if it´s a possible task. If not - do it anyway!

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